About Us


ABC Properties, established in January 2020 in Abu Dhabi, is a private real estate firm led by seasoned professionals with over 12 years of experience in the UAE market.Specialised to help our clients in investing, Selling , Renting their dream home all over in UAE . Our goal is to lead the real estate sector by providing dependable and transparent services that ensure complete satisfaction for both corporate and individual clients. Our customized approaches are crafted to address a wide range of needs, offering optimal opportunities and ensuring successful investments. We take pride in consistently delivering on our commitments.

Our Mission

To lead the growth of the real estate industry in the UAE and to become an instinctive choice of customers searching for a one stop shop providing all-inclusive solutions for all real estate issues. ABC PROPERTIES seeks to be a credible source of business knowledge and advice, while at the same time giving both organizations the accessible and competent functionality to conduct transactions. Importantly, we plan to expand our services globally, and to collaborate with successful brokers and developers on the global real estate market, concentrating initially on the MENA zone. We are optimistic that our best activities will help to fulfill this goal combined with high expectations, expertise, dedication to integrity, and mutually beneficial values.

Our Vision

Is to provide both partners and customers with comprehensive industry knowledge of excellent and profitable full-service real estate. For any ABC PROPERTIES customer, we provide a simple forum where we offer unmatched support and policy, concentrating on both physical and financial; securing their assets. Trusting that our profession integrity and prestige are influenced by our individual employees’ mutual behavior, we guarantee that everyone conforms to ethical standards.

Key people

Ahmed Khalifah


Meet Ahmed Khalifah, the visionary founder of ABC Properties Brokerage, boasting over 16 years of transformative experience in the UAE real estate market. Formerly a distinguished Sales Manager at PSI and Emaar, Ahmed has earned multiple awards for his excellence and leadership in property sales and management. His journey reflects a deep understanding of market dynamics and a commitment to innovation. At ABC Properties, Ahmed Khalifah introduces a paradigm shift in property investment, offering a trusted safe zone often overlooked by traditional brokerage firms. His moto, “YOUR PROPERTY, OUR PRIORITY,” underscores his dedication to client-centric service and ensuring investor needs are met with integrity and expertise. Under Ahmed’s guidance, ABC Properties emerges as a beacon of reliability and innovation, setting new standards in the industry.

William Alsafadi


William Alsafadi, co-founder of ABC Properties, brings 13 years of in-depth experience in the UAE real estate market. His distinguished career includes a pivotal role as Sales Manager at PSI, where he honed his expertise and strategic acumen. Renowned as the brain of ABC Properties, William is not only celebrated for his hardworking nature and boundless enthusiasm but also for his unwavering commitment to excellence. His dedication and visionary approach are crucial in driving our company forward, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

We are in the business of creating wealth for our clients through the acquisition, management, purchase and selling of real state.

“ABC Properties” is a well known and respected real estate company which operates in the UAE from its Abu Dhabi headquarters. ABC ‘s insistence on delivering easy and efficient services to both corporate and private clients guarantees full customer loyalty.

We ensure that our consumers have the right chance and the right commitment. The services we offer are tailor made to fit all needs and we are proud that the commitments we make come true.

Our Core Values

ABC PROPERTIES’ foundation was built based on six core values which have been the engine of our business throughout time


we are devoted to originality in our strategies, services and offers


We believe integrity & clearness are key to maintaining our success & reputation


our employees are all empowered and experts in their line of work


we are committed to strategically cultivating growth


towards all stakeholders and granting them unmatched experiences

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